Upcoming Theater Shows in New York in 2017

New York has an array of theatre shows every year that attracts huge crowds. You need not be surprised when you see people flocking into movie theatres at any given time. This will be a common occurrence and you will also be in the pipeline of those lining up to watch the movies and live musical performances. Across the city, there are various movie theatres where you can go in the company of friends and family to enjoy. You might argue that you are an indoor fanatic and this could be true.

However, a single visit to a movie theater will prove to you that your indoor activities cannot measure up to the nature of fun that the theatre brings. Let us explore some of the best shows that are in the pipeline in the year 2017. This year seems to be a thrilling one in the theatre and you should not be left out as others enjoy the epitome of creativity from the actors and directors of New York.

Opening scene from Sunday at the Park with George

The musical adaptation of the book by James Lapine

Sunday in the Park with George

This is musical with book by James Lapine and lyrics and music by Stephen Sondheim. A painting done by Georges Seurat dubbed A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande is said to be the inspiration behind the production of the musical. It was originally opened to the public in the year 1984. It is a complex work that is done by a totally dedicated mind. The production was certainly a masterpiece.

Three decades later, the production is set to be revived at the Hudson Theatre on Broadway. Annaleigh Ashford and Gyllenhall Jake will act as starring co-performers. The first preview of the performance was done on February 11, 2017, and the official opening was done on February 23, 2017. It is anticipated to close on April 23, 2017. It is certainly a performance to attend if you have not.

Significant Other

Act three Scene one of the play

Significant Other leads in one pivotal scene

The term ‘significant other’ is generally used to refer to a person’s intimate partner without unduly disclosing anything about sexual orientation, relationship status, and marital status. Other names that can be used in place of the phrase are life partner, spouse, or soulmate among many others. This is a movie that will be performed in the roundabout theatres. It is about how long one has to wait and wait for the significant other. It is a heart-stirring show that leans more on comedy than romance.

It reflects on the 21st anxieties of the single girl or gent. Almost everyone in the age group transition to marriage and parenting while the single guy is busy confronting the emotional war. It is a perfect representation of the people who stay for long without having life partners. You cannot afford to miss the only new American show of the season. The actors and directors of the show promise that it will be a scene like no other. You will not regret the show and you will be left begging for more. It was previewed on February 14, 2017, and it is set to premiere on March 02, 2017 with no end date indicated.