Best Companies to look for finding Theater jobs in New York

Since the theatre industry is almost fully grown in New York, there are various companies that can offer you a job. You will not need to trek for long distances before finding that perfect place to work if you have the required training. Ensure that you have sharpened your skills properly and maximize on the network of friends that you have so as to get the latest job opportunities available. It is a fact that jobs are rare, but most of the people do not want to go the extra mile. You may even decide to the frontier in a theatre company. Once the management finds that you are worth a job, they will consider you. Do not only look for payable jobs especially if you do not have the required experience. Seek to grow your experience and money will follow you. Some of the best theatre companies to get a job in New York are highlighted here.

Madison Square Garden Company

The Madison Square Garden is home to many New York City sports teams
The facade of the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York City

This is a leading company in entertainment and live sports. It has a collection of renowned sports teams, celebrated venues, and high-class entertainment productions. The company operates some of the most recognized sports franchises some of which include New York Liberty (WNBA), The New York Rangers (NHL), and New York Knicks (NBA). This list is further complimented by Hartford Wolf Pack and Westchester Knicks. Madison Square Garden Company also offers a wide range of outstanding sporting events such as college basketball, e-gaming events, professional boxing, and bull riding among others.

Some of the exclusive productions that are featured include the Rockettes New York Spectacular and Radio City Christmas Spectacular. The two present some iconic live entertainment scenes such as special events, family shows, and concerts. All these are held in the different collection picturesque venues.

The Cradle Theatre Company geared towards youth
The Cradle Theatre Company is a favorite venue for artists

The venues include The Theatre at Madison Square Garden, the Forum in Inglewood, The Chicago Theatre, New York’s Madison Square Garden, the Wang Theatre in Boston, and Radio City Music Hall. The company is committed to hiring, retaining, and working with the best staffs. As a result, the staffs who are employed here have various benefits some of them include wellness programs, comprehensive medical insurance. Some of the benefits that you get once you are hired to include dental, medical, and vision.

The Cradle Theatre Company

This is a premier company that is committed to retelling old stories for the new audience. The company is also aimed to finding and encouraging new persons who help answer the old questions. As much as the company is based on a platform of intellect, the management tries very hard to ensure that the company appreciates the young ones. All new artists and producers are shown how to grow professionally and artistically. The live theatre should be a joyous place for all since it shapes the direction of many generations to come. Some of the movies that you will be playing a role as they are shown to the public include an important update and one more day. You cannot go wrong if you try your hands on the available options.