Promotion of Racism in Theaters: An Issue in New York!

The recent conference held in Washington dubbed alt-right is a stark and sad reminder that racism is still rife in the United States. The blatant vilification of African-Americans, immigrants, Jews and other minorities is a clear indication that the evil is not yet done away with across the nation. There should be no political leader in the nation who should be allowed to propagate ethnic hatred and racial profiling. This is frightening and appalling. The nation needs to come together desperately and amend the rift, the divide, and the hate-mongering being propagated by a few individuals. There is no lesser race neither is anyone superior because they belong to a given race.

Natives lording over a Caucasian
A scene from a play depicting conflict of different races

We all have the right to live peacefully and coexist with our neighbors. No one should castigate anyone because they come from seemingly lesser race. The movie theatres in the nation are also propagating the same evil. This needs to be condemned in the strongest terms possible and curbed with immediate effect. America shall not be a nation tomorrow if this evil is allowed to germinate and grow. We are obliged to leave a better nation to our generation. Racism is evil and inhuman.

Chuck Mee – The Assertive Voice of Broadway

The legendary playwright from America cares for the fairness of all. Chuck Mee holds the opinion that there should not be such a thing as original play. He invites all and sundry to make a remix of what he has worked on. Since he is a visionary artist, he has his eyes on bigger things in his career.

 “He says that a woman in a wheelchair can play the lead romantic person. The lead romantic person can be an Indian. There is no single part of his plays that has to be played by a white person. He further advises the directors of his plays to avoid insinuating that every part of his play should be played by an intact white person. Such a world never exists in his mind.”

[Source: Anyone can play any role]

Chuck Mees is a famous Broadway actor of African descent
African American actors still feel they get unfair treatment sometimes.

Chuck Mee’s assertions resonate well with most of the actors from Asia who are underrepresented on stage. Most of the actors believe that a movie can be acted by all blacks and sell in America. However, this has refused to be the case for most of the directors in New York.

By all objective measures, the recent polls, academic studies, and demographic data are of the opinion that relations between whites and blacks have been better in the recent past. For instance, the Gallup Poll indicates that a majority of African-Americans are comfortable and even confident that the interaction between them and European-Americans will improve in the near future. Two scholars – Abigail Thernstrom and Stephen – argue that America is experiencing better relationships among the races. This condition is said to be synonymous with the majority of the African-Americans.

The Role of Civil Rights in Shaping Broadway

Civil rights leaders insist that this notion is precariously wrong because they hold on to the belief that America is overly involved in racism. Racism has not and may not stop in the near future more so in the theatres since most of the directors, actors, and actresses are from one race. Sadly, the people who play the biggest in the successful production of a movie or a musical are not Americans. They are from the mixed races.

According to data released to the public recently, blacks have worked tirelessly to try and bridge the gap between them and the Americans. Most of the students graduating from colleges and high schools are the blacks. The Americans are still the majority of the learned population making it hard for most of the blacks to access the theatres properly. Moreover, full-time employment in the theatres is another bone of contention. Even though the blacks are few, they have considerably grown as compared to the decrease of the whites in the theatres.

Friday Jones is a very upbeat stage actress
Broadway veteran actress Friday Jones feels slighted by poor treatment from fans

Major problems still face the African-American population. Over 25% of all blacks families are in abject poverty. This situation has not changed for some time even though the conditions were worse 25 years ago.

Over 20% of Americans are held up by racism. They cannot stay in neighborhoods that do not have a majority of whites. The same percentage cannot watch a movie that does not have a majority of whites. There has been progress from this rottenness even though a lot remains to be done.

 Theater Plays Encouraging Racism in New York

New York has had its fair share of racism turbulence in America. Almost every sector has been hit by this tsunami and it is anticipated that it may get worse if not contained going forward. An array of road shows and liver performances have been staged so as to do away with this social evil. Be that as it may, the rot has remained though not deeply sank. It can still be uprooted and done away with if all and sundry stand up against the vice. Key among the sectors hit by the racism tsunami is the theatre industry. A good number of movies have been produced and performed even though the content therein is pure racism. The worst hit group are the Africa-Americans.

The Birth of a Nation

It has been said that this was the most controversial movie that was ever shown to the public.

Duvernay said that if you believe in the fairness for all people, this is the worst film that you will ever see in your life.

[Controversial movie]

After the movie premiered on the screens, it was hailed by many as an iconic production whose main aim was to disclose the untold chapter of the Americans. Nate Parker is the brain behind the movie, and he is surprisingly Africa-America. Nine months after its debut, the movie faced the worst criticism of a lifetime. Shawn Edwards says that the vigor and rigor that came with the movie is all lost and there is no chance of reclaiming it back. It is said that the movie can only be considered for the Oscar Awards if the year has been weak in terms of the movies that have been produced.

The movie cannot be separated from the mire of criticism seeing that it came at a time when racism was spontaneously high across the nation.

Nate Parker: Controversy-Riddled Career Defies Logic

Nate Parker poses for the camera
Controversial actor Nate Parker got his first big break in ‘The Great Gatsby’

The producer, Nate Parker, has been accused of rape in the yesteryears of college life. Be that as it may, he is considered one of the soberest brains in the movie industry. Even though he was acquitted from his rape case, some people felt that he should have faced a stiffer penalty. However, the birth of a nation is one of the worst works that he has ever produced if any.

The birth of a nation is a presentation of a celebrated minister who engineered a revolution that turned to be bloody. The movie builds from the point at which Turner was acquitted of his rape case and he goes on to involve himself in one vice after another. With a beautifully made scene, the movie displays desperation on the part of the people who are trapped in slavery, a majority of them being blacks. It is a heavy-hearted movie that triggers the emotions of those that have fought tooth to nail for their freedom in the hands of their masters.

Song of the South

This was the brainchild of Disney. He attempted to end racism but he failed dismally. It is a story that lets you have no peace of mind as you watch since it depicts the slavery of the early man. The ex-slave, Uncle Remus, appears to be happy with life in the South. It was an animated movie where the oppressed was white while the oppressed was black.