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The Next Big Show

Join millions of fans this summer as the Broadway hit “The Lion King” returns. Get your tickets now! #thenextbigshow



Auditions Open for New Show will be conducting casting calls and open mic auditions for all parts of a brand new musical production for this coming fall.

United We Stand

I read about some of the reviews that New York receive in the movie theatres and I just bend my head. In the eyes of foreigners, my city is the best. However, in my own eyes, we are below the worst if not the worst. I do not need to sugarcoat issues here since crappy criticism works in a similar manner to crappy shows – both will send people away. I am not criticizing so that I may help to conceal the real state of affairs. My criticism is based on facts and it is intended to help the audience to get the good issues and do away with the crap. I think there is much more to be done in the movie theatres in New York. I have not even mentioned racism. Ouch! Oh, my city!

Opening Number – Chuck Mees

Chuck Mee’s assertions resonate well with most of the actors from Asia who are underrepresented on stage. He will be performing with his core group for the benefit of New York Children’s Fund organization.

Original Series - The Hotlist Watch the finest entertainment on the Web

1st Project – Latin Leche

Latin Leche

Latin Leche features American guys on foreign latin soil hunting for some desperate guys who need cash, quick. How is it done? Well, if they manage to do some taboo things, the deal is on… Get ready for some latin milk! Adult only

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2023 – My Pervy Family

My Pervy Family

My Pervy Family is proof that no family in the world acts the same. Watch taboo acts inside those fantasy families where sexual partners are picked randomly from the closest circle.

2022 – Modern-day Sins

Modern-day Sins

Modern-day Sins is launching starting 1st of January 2022 with selection of 7 sub-series made out of 7 deadly sins. The inspiration of sinners in this adults-only production has been crucial and you should be able to judge the product yourself very soon!

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2023 – Haze Him

Haze Him

Haze Him focuses on hazing rituals taking place in various dorms across the US. Watch completely lost newbie guys doing all sorts of dares to end up in the cool guys group.

2022 – Modern-day Sins

Lets Try Anal

Lets Try Anal is Mofos exclusive that’s been around for years bringing us the very best of anal fun! And it’s still going strong. Take a look yourself!

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2023 – Biphoria


Biphoria features the finest bisexual content on the web. Watch MMF scenarios where curious guys are swinging both ways in order to get the ultimate satisfaction!

2022 – Oopsie! by Adult Time

Oopsie! by Adult Time

Oopsie! is the newest series created by Adult Time. And it’s all about the old-fashioned fun for adults. But is it? It’s actually all about that high energy situations leading to super hot fun!

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2023 – Femboyish


Femboyish is Adult Time’s approach to the unexplored world of femboys. See what the stir about and why those cute boys becoming girls is a huge turn on!

2022 – Transsensual – TS Erotica


Transsensual is source of your transgender fun in 2022. Watch the most prominent stars of the industry engaging in all gender fun. Taboo, real life fantasies – all that involving the most stunning TS models out there!

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2024 – Stag Homme


Stag Homme is the newest addition to Carnal Plus network where the finest gay entertainment is available for you. Watch men of power having some quality time with their peers!

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