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It was once said that no one ever built a statue to a critic. However, I saw two critics receive OBE in the New Year Honors for the Queen. It was a beleaguering scene seeing Philip French and Michael Billington being awarded for being fierce critics of the Observer and the Guardian. Let me move on from that and get to New York where the movie theaters are not at the level that they were anticipated to be.

I know most of the people reading this have been fans of Davenport and his show.

It is a fact that he has snared a number of renowned agents, playwrights, theatre owners, marketers, and producers. Davenport is a Broadway luminary who captures the mind of his audience and every Sunday is a day to look forward to. I have always admired how he handled his work. However, the movie industry in New York is slowly fading away to a region it has never been before. I know that racism is rife in many countries, however, the movie industry in New York is performing dismally.

New Generation of Broadway Keeping Flame Alive

In spite of the big strides that the pioneers of the industry made, the contemporary generation has worked hard to make sure that the theatre sector retrogresses. I find this wrong and uncalled for. I foresee a situation whereby the theatre industry will fall into unamendable levels leaving only a few movies which are enthralling to the whites. It is just but a sad feeling.

A view of Broadway with all the bright lights
Broadway lights up at night

I do not find it positive when I hear such news as the exit of 5 Useless Degrees and a Bottle of Scotch (5UDBS). The larger American citizenry lost it all when this unique voice left. There are few such voices and the exit of one is a major loss for the larger network.

I ask the question, “What made Erick and James fold their red carpet?”

Theatre criticism

I hear various people have issued statements indicating that the Portland theatre seems small at times. This is in spite of the fact that the media covers only a small portion.

I noted that two major theatres scaled back their seasons from 2016 to 2015. Does this ring a bell of good tidings on the movie theatre in New York? I guess not. There are no stories written to probe the happenings and I do not see this happening in the next thousands of years. I then hear stories that the largest theatre in the city has ripped the taxpayer millions of shillings. This was in a building that should never have seen the light off day in the first place. Are the media houses discussing this? I do not think so. This cannot happen behind our backs and then we go blowing our own trumpet that we have the best theatre works. I say, “This is a blatant lie.”

Broadway Audience Alive and Vibrant

The Madison Square Garden is home to many New York City sports teams
The facade of the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York City

I am however pleased to note that the real audience is awake. They are not dumb. I imagine that people who turn up for large shows such as Oregon Shakespeare Festival, NT Live, and TBA should be in the know. They pay huge amounts of money for tickets but the service given in return is appalling. I have information from some of my friends that the actors are poorly paid and it is possible to find some absconding duty. The market is indicating clearly that the demand is way below the level of supply. This is a disheartening case. A sad truth to behold.

I read about some of the reviews that New York received in the movie theatres and I just bend my head. In the eyes of foreigners, my city is the best. However, in my own eyes, we are below the worst if not the worst. I do not need to sugarcoat issues here since crappy criticism works in a similar manner to crappy shows – both will send people away. I am not criticizing so that I may help to conceal the real state of affairs. My criticism is based on facts and it is intended to help the audience to get the good issues and do away with the crap. I think there is much more to be done in the movie theatres in New York. I have not even mentioned racism. Ouch! Oh my city!